Tutorials Class (TutorialsClass.com) is a one-stop portal to learn online about different web technologies, preparing for an interview and enhancing your technical skills.

The story behind Tutorials Class:

Tutorials Class is founded by Deepak Rajpal to help students with useful tutorials and codes collection online. There are many tutorials, interview questions, exercises and codes that have been uploaded by students as well as professionals along with Deepak itself.

Here is what we provides in this portal:

Free Web Tutorials

We provide free online tutorials in the latest web technologies. You can find tutorials on PHP, HTML, CSS, SEO, Digital Marketing, Python, C Programming, C++ Language, & Basic Computer.

These tutorials are well structured and easy to use for beginners. We have used easy language along with simple examples. Most of the chapters are linked to each other so that you can read other relevant topics.

Exercise & Assignments:

Most of our tutorials provide exercise at the end of the chapter. You can practise what you have learned based on exercise description. If you are unable to implement, you can find a solution as well.

Some of the tutorials are linked to online PHP editors as well. There we have saved code, which you can run online and see the output. Why don’t you just start playing and enjoy coding? Its too much fun.

Interview Preparation:

We aim to develop your technical skills for your dream job. You can browse through a collection of Interview Questions while preparing for Job. You will also find job-related tips like resume preparation and presentation.


There are many common codes and scripts which are quite useful for different projects. You can find various code collection so that you can find it here easily and save time. Some of the scripts has been added into the git as well.


We provide articles related to web design, development and other technology. There are helpful articles for communication skills and job hunting as well.

We are adding frequent content to tutorials class. You can bookmark this website for your reference. We wish you a great career ahead.