May be in future I will not do job for long time, so what is the use?

1) PHP forget about job/career point, even if you do not get job or change your profession soon. your php course can not seems to waste. why? everything is

going on digital/www. Even if you do not used your skill for job, you can utilized to make your/friend/family business online. You can also earn part time/extra by

making anyone’s website. Can you image that just one or two small websites development can bring you money equalent to what you spent on training course. all other future benifits are extra.

In php, I will get less salary than .net & java:

Answer: I have two points over here. first the statement is not always true. There are many developers that are getting paid equivalent or even more than developers

using .net/java. But most java/.net/and rare technologies are getting more. why? because programming in java/.net often required well skilled developers. while in php, for basic/small website development or small business does not demand highly programmed, so people having basic programming skills can be hired. And based on skill set they are not well paid. but you can be better paid even in php. how? PHP is also used in high end applications today. There are always demand of good and skilled developers. Therefore, if you skilled yourself well with the time, there will not be any stopage for you.
And you can see a lot of example in industry that tell us that language is not important always. once you entered into the market, it is how you develop your programming standards. You can see a lot of people works in multiple languages also. so once entered into and Mastered IT skills you can have handsome money.
There’s no harm to learn 2-3 languages as time passes. it always benefits later on.

  • There was old times when there was big differece between average salary of php and other. but today you can see yourself on glassdoor. (however glassdoor mostly contains data from big organizations, but you can see a lot of eqalient salaries as with any other langauge with same experice.) try glassdoor.
  • Another point, it is not always for money. Few people are very specific about the technology. They want to love only specific things like web development. So if you would like to develop websites rather than softwares, money should not be your concern. Just enjoy with what language you love.

How to learn PHP efficiently:
3) It is not important to remember all functions/syntax. major thing is to accomplish what you want to accomplish. do you remember all telephone number today. no

because you can easily check into your phone. similar way you can easy check sytax from google, but you should know how to get it from google and make it working. that

should be the whole idea when you are learn php here. it should not be like what is written is all you learn. here you will just get idea about how and why. rest you need to find it.

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