Importance of PHP Self Learning & Exploring PHP Resources

PHP is an ideal language for beginners. It is easy to learn and it opens a door for the career related to web development in information technology.

Importance of PHP Training Classes

There are many people who choose PHP and pursue training for jobs related to website development. Training classes help students in many ways. They provide a strong base for the students or professionals. You get an idea about the technology, workflow and some real life examples about the technology.

Training classes cover basic and important topics, but, it is almost impossible to cover them all in limited duration training classes. Like any other popular programming language, PHP has a wide range of tools, functionality and resources. Again, a training is never sufficient to cover all those aspects of PHP.

If we talk just about the built-in PHP functions, there are more than 9000 PHP functions listed on the official PHP site. If training classes, will focus on all of those functions, it would take years to complete your training course. Besides, functions there are many more concepts, statements, extensions in PHP technology.

Most of the time, you need not to learn all those functions to start PHP job or project. It is not mandatory to cover all PHP advanced concepts to crack interviews. But the more you can learn, it would be easy to get hired. We will see the importance of self learning in PHP technology, today.

Importance of PHP Self Learning

When you go to interview or bid for PHP project, you can see many people like you in the same queue. You may find plenty of PHP developers around you on job walk-ins. What may take you ahead? How you can prove yourself better in any job interview?

There could only one answer to this question: By learning more about the technology. If you really want to master technology, you should start learning by yourself as much as possible.

If there are plenty of things to learn in PHP, there are plenty of resources that help you learn them as well. There are thousands of exercises, tutorials and solutions available online. You should only know how to find them and how to use them.

Feel free and search anything about the PHP. Internet will provide you easy and latest resources about PHP. We are listing some the ideas of self learning. These resources are listed especially for beginners and freshers.

Exploring PHP Resources

You can start with a simple term “PHP Tutorials”. PHP tutorials will provide you step by step chapters that start from the basics. Most of the time you will find same topics that a general training class provides. Still, they help you in three ways:

  • It revises your PHP knowledge that you have already learned
  • These tutorials may have some examples better explained than your training classes
  • You may definitely find few extra topics than your training course syllabus

PHP tutorial websites

PHP Exercises & Practice website

PHP snippets website

You may also find a lot of php articles on different websites. They covers advanced concepts and latest technologies related to php. But you may find some interesting articles for beginners. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and articles.

PHP Articles website

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” ~ Thomas Huxley

Now, you have learnt about the importance of self learning. Use above links to explore more. Do not forget to bookmark this page, as we will keep updating them. All the best.

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