List of Best job portals for Freshers in India

The best way to find a job in India is using only Job portals especially for freshers.

A student pass out his college and start searching for jobs. There are many ways a fresher can use to find a job. For an example: Newspaper advertisements, references for seniors, direct walk-ins or Off-campus and most important by applying online using various Job portals.

Here, we are listing few job portals that are useful when need to apply for various jobs.

Resume Preparation Tips

Having a good resume is basic and important step while preparing for a new job. Here are few top most blogs and their tips about preparing Resume for Interview.

Resume Preparation Tips

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May be in future I will not do job for long time, so what is the use?

1) PHP forget about job/career point, even if you do not get job or change your profession soon. your php course can not seems to waste. why? everything is

going on digital/www. Even if you do not used your skill for job, you can utilized to make your/friend/family business online. You can also earn part time/extra by

making anyone’s website. Can you image that just one or two small websites development can bring you money equalent to what you spent on training course. all other future benifits are extra.

In php, I will get less salary than .net & java:

Answer: I have two points over here. first the statement is not always true. There are many developers that are getting paid equivalent or even more than developers

using .net/java. But most java/.net/and rare technologies are getting more. why? because programming in java/.net often required well skilled developers. while in php, for basic/small website development or small business does not demand highly programmed, so people having basic programming skills can be hired. And based on skill set they are not well paid. but you can be better paid even in php. how? PHP is also used in high end applications today. There are always demand of good and skilled developers. Therefore, if you skilled yourself well with the time, there will not be any stopage for you.
And you can see a lot of example in industry that tell us that language is not important always. once you entered into the market, it is how you develop your programming standards. You can see a lot of people works in multiple languages also. so once entered into and Mastered IT skills you can have handsome money.
There’s no harm to learn 2-3 languages as time passes. it always benefits later on.

  • There was old times when there was big differece between average salary of php and other. but today you can see yourself on glassdoor. (however glassdoor mostly contains data from big organizations, but you can see a lot of eqalient salaries as with any other langauge with same experice.) try glassdoor.
  • Another point, it is not always for money. Few people are very specific about the technology. They want to love only specific things like web development. So if you would like to develop websites rather than softwares, money should not be your concern. Just enjoy with what language you love.

How to learn PHP efficiently:
3) It is not important to remember all functions/syntax. major thing is to accomplish what you want to accomplish. do you remember all telephone number today. no

because you can easily check into your phone. similar way you can easy check sytax from google, but you should know how to get it from google and make it working. that

should be the whole idea when you are learn php here. it should not be like what is written is all you learn. here you will just get idea about how and why. rest you need to find it.

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How freshers and beginners in PHP can land a Great First Job


Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015

Why PHP is the best choice for you?

“If you are looking for a professional training course, PHP could be the best choice for you.”

Why PHP is considered as a best choice for future?

In this article, we will study and discuss various factors related to PHP programming language that makes it best in the industry. We will also cover frequently asked questions that a student or fresher have before joining a new training course.

This article is helpful for anyone who is looking for a training course related Computers, Information Technology or Website Development. Even if you are a student and have no idea what to do next for your career, college project, job, learning or earning, this article will help you clearing your doubts. Without wasting more time, let us go ahead.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. It is used by more than 80% of the all top ranked websites. You can read more about PHP in PHP Introduction OR Wiki.

Why PHP is the best choice for my career or training?

  • PHP is easy to learn as compared to other programming languages such as
  • PHP is widely used programming language in the world, so there are more jobs and opportunities available in the market than any other language.
  • You can easily find a PHP Training institute nearby and join a short or long term PHP training course.
  • PHP is free and Open source. Therefore, you may find a lot of study material and tutorials online free of charge for your practice.

I am just a Beginner in IT and just have basic knowledge of computer. Can I join PHP training?

Yes!! You can definitely join PHP training course. It is helpful if you have basic knowledge of any programming language such as C or HTML, but it is not mandatory. All you have to do is to study little harder initially to cover basic programming concepts.

Can I get a job in PHP easily?

It is easy to get a job in PHP as compared to any other programming languages.

In other languages (such as java/asp etc), company often demands experienced candidates. For freshers, they require very high programming skills along with reference sometimes.

In PHP, the chances to get a job is better even if you are a fresher. However, it is essential to learn the basic programming concepts, apply & search jobs online and prepare well to crack the interviews. Ultimately, PHP is the best choice to make an entry in the IT or Web Development.

After entry in PHP, can I switch my job in other technology?

There are many advance tools and technologies getting introduced in IT everyday. While working in PHP, you will also get to (sometime have to) work with related technologies. If you find any related technology more suitable for your career, you can learn that in depth and switch to that.

It is not necessary that you will work in the same technology life time. Many companies switch their employees to other technologies based on project requirement. Once you are familiar with one technology or programming language (for example PHP), you can learn other related technologies with little effort such as HTML/JS/ASP etc.

Once you enter in market, you will often find that professionals are working on multiple technologies at the same time. Therefore, PHP can be your dream career or takes you to your dream career.

Can I join PHP or web development, if I am not from Engineering or IT Background?

If you are graduate from engineering or do not have IT/Programming background, the doors are open for you. Anyone who has basic computer programming knowledge (such as html or c), can easily enter into website development using PHP. Even if you do not know anything about programming, you can give it a try. All it takes is some effort and if you find it interesting building websites, no doubts will be left there. Just give it a try.

How to make a Resume for Freshers

Resume is the first thing that employer notice when someone apply for a job. Having an effective resume can increase your chance to get an Interview call.

But most of us are pretty much confused about the difference between a Resume and a CV (Curriculum Vitae). Here is the very basic difference between these two:

Resume: A resume is a brief summary of your personal, educational, professional experiences.

Curriculum Vitae: A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a detailed summary of your entire educational and professional histories.

Here are the tips to make a resume for freshers:

Get all content together

First thing to do is to focus on your content rather than design and layout. Otherwise, you may need to re-do the design and formatting the work. The most important sections for a resume content are:

  • Contact Information
  • Career Objective
  • Training and certifications
  • Experience of any project if any
  • Educations
  • Skills
  • Awards and achievement for fresher

Resume Layout

A resume layout and its content is meant to be selective and concise. So, keep in mind the following points while choosing a layout:

  • Single page in length and maximum 3 page
  • Clear and bold section headings
  • Ample white space, especially around margins
  • Easy to read font style and size

Use a Template

If you don’t have enough time to format all the content, the fastest way is to use a pre-designed free template.

Font Style and Size

Font style should be supported by all where such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman. Times New Roman is widely used font, as it is the default on Microsoft Word. Ideal font size is 11-12pt for regular content and 14-16pt for section headings/titles.

Contact Information

Your name and contact information should appear at the top of the page without any exception. So include your name, phone number, email address, and the current location of residence. You can also include your LinkedIn profile and website/portfolio link.

Career Objective

This section is less about what you can do and more about what you will do. You should keep it to 2-3 well written sentences that shows how you will be using your skill set in benefit to the organisation.

Reverse Order

Always list your professional/educational/project history from most recent to least recent (reverse order) and clearly set apart.

Relevant Keywords

Spend some time matching your qualifications to the job to ensure you’re including the appropriate keywords and skills. It will also help the recruiter see how your skills and experiences make you an ideal candidate for the specific job.

Review Your Resume

You should review your resume to match up the job description and requirement. You can also get it reviewed by someone who is experienced one.

Don’t Go Over-style

Even in the case of an artist or designer’s resume, one should resist to use any sort of clip art, confusing lines or borders, or fancy bullets. Your aim is certainly to stand out, but fancy extras only serve to confuse.

Key Points:

  • Ideal resume length can be of 1 page for fresher and maximum 3 page for senior profile.
  • Page margin should be 1 inch for all sides (0.5 inch is also acceptable).
  • Modify your content as per the job description and requirement.
  • Well utilization of space can be a plus point.
  • Use google docs to prepare a resume and download it as PDF file.
  • Consistently, update your profile and resume over the jobs portals.

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