Experiment with Basic PHP Syntax Errors

When you start PHP Programming, you may face some programming errors. These errors stops your program execution. Sometimes you quickly find your solutions while sometimes it may take long time even if there is small mistake. It is important to get familiar with Basic PHP Syntax Errors

Basic Syntax errors occurs when we do not write PHP Code correctly. We cannot avoid all those errors but we can learn from them.

Here is a working PHP Code example to output a simple line.

echo "Hello World!";

Output: Hello World!

It is better to experiment with PHP Basic code and see what errors happens.

  • Remove semicolon from the end of second line and see what error occurs
  • Remove double quote from “Hello World!” what error occurs
  • Remove PHP ending statement “?>” error occurs
  • Use “
  • Try some space between “

Try above changes one at a time and see error. Observe What you did and what error happens.

Take care of the line number mentioned in error message. It will give you hint about the place where there is some mistake in the code.

Read Carefully Error message. Once you will understand the meaning of these basic error messages, you will be able to fix them later on easily.

Note: Most of the time error can be found in previous line instead of actual mentioned line. For example: If your program miss semicolon in line number 6, it will show error in line number 7.

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