HTML Paragraphs

Program to see difference between paragraphs & normal text with line break

We can write some text in body and it will be displayed in browser. All text will be displayed in single line until it reach browser window border. If you want to add some line break, you can use <br/> tag.

Another option is to use text between paragraph tag. You can use multiple paragraph tags to display multiple text paragraphs.

Different between HTML Paragraph & Regular line break:

Using <br/> tag, it only add a single line break. While using <p> tag it creates a paragraph with extra spacing before and after the paragraph.

<title> Different between HTML Paragraph & Regular line break | </title>
This is regular text. <br/>
This is another line after line break.
<p>This is a first paragraph. You can add any kind of text here. </p>
<p>This is a second paragraph. This is some sample text. </p>
<p>This is another paragraph. You can add multiple lines of text in this paragraph. </p>