What is the difference between Posts & Pages in WordPress?

There are two common types of the content section in WordPress: Posts and Pages. Here we will read about the difference between these two content.

Difference between Posts and Pages in WordPress

1Posts have categories and tags The content in a post is published under a category or a tag. At least one category is mandatory but tags are optional in WordPress Posts.No categories and tags WordPress Pages can have a parent child relationship but do not have categories and tags.
2Created frequently Posts can be added or created frequently.Not created frequently Pages are static content which doesn’t need to be added or created frequently.
3Comments WordPress Posts usually have the commenting feature enabled.Comments WordPress Pages can have comments but the feature is usually disabled and are not generally used.
4RSS feed available Posts are displayed in RSS field.RSS feed unavailable Pages are not displayed in RSS field.
5Examples News, blog articles, tutorials, etc all come under WordPress posts.Examples About, Contact, etc all come under WordPress pages because once created, the content doesn’t need to be changed frequently.
6Custom Formats Posts have custom formats of different types. These type of formatting is dependent on content type like image, video, quote, gallery, etc.Custom Formats Pages rarely have custom formats and if they have only templates are available.

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