All SEO Interview Questions and Answers

Difference between On page and Off page SEO?

With On-page, you can optimize your website content and you have full control over it.

With Off-page SEO, you increase your presence outside of your website. This mainly includes link submission, article submission, or social media marketing.

Which is more useful between an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap?

XML sitemaps are useful for search engines while HTML sitemaps are useful for users.

XML sitemap creates a list of the website URLs in XML tags in a standard structure that search engine can understand. It is recommended in SEO. HTML sitemap can be a table or list of website links that are easy to read for users. There is no fixed structure for HTML site map, so a designer or developer is free to design it in any way.

Why has my Google ranking suddenly dropped?

There are following main reasons for the sudden drop in Search Engine ranking:

  1. Check if you have made any change to page index, redirections, sitemap, or site moved to a different server or subdirectory (which may cause something missing).
  2. If your page was on the Top of Google once, it does not mean that it will always be there. Sometimes, Search engines boost pages temporary (especially new pages) to check how useful your page for users based on bounce rate, time spent and other factors. That is why we may notice some pages are performing better only for a limited time but actually ranking position is decided in the long term.
  3. Is your article is based on a trending topic or news? These kinds of content tend to rank quickly but also dropped suddenly.
  4. Search Engine Console may help you if there is any error or penalty.
  5. If there is any change in the Search Engine Algorithm recently, this could be another factor.
  6. If your Competitor has written better content, it may outrank your article (However if there is a big drop, this may not be the exact reason).

How much time does it take to rank on Google?

SEO takes (no fixed) time. There are so many factors which decide when your website start getting results in term of ranking or SEO.

Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months when your effort starts showing result in Search Engines.

If you are doing marking for a local store which has less competition, the result can be seen in a few weeks as well. While if your website competes with World’s top websites, it may take years as well.

Other important factors are your content, On-page SEO guidelines, Offpage SEO & Link Submissions, Social Media Marketing, Website speed and many more.

Now one important thing is that we should not focus on the only single factor but take care of most of them. If you keep improving in all the above areas, you will get results as per your effort surely (even before you expected).