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WordPress Default Sitemap is not working?

WordPress has added XML Sitemaps feature in version 5.5. If you have WordPress 5.5 or later, your website sitemap URL is:

Sometimes default sitemap does not work and throws an error. Here are some of the common fixes for WordPress default sitemap issues:

Fix 1: Update WordPress

Check if you have WordPress 5.5 or later. If you are using old WordPress, you need to update.

Fix 2: Enable Search Engine Settings

Sitemaps will be disabled if search engines are discouraged. Check in Dashboard > Settings > Reading

Fix 3: Update Permalink

Make sure that pretty permalinks are enabled. All settings should work except Plain/Default.

Fix 4: Disable/Enable if any plugin setting

Check if Yoast or any plugin disables default sitemap. Also once try to disable sitemap if any plugin is generating it.

Fix 5: Remove Filter code

This code is used to disable sitemap completely. Remove this if you find this in your theme.

add_filter( 'wp_sitemaps_enabled', '__return_false' );

Additionally, you can try returning true in above as well but that is not required so may not help much.

Fix 6: Switch theme or Disable plugins.

There are chances that your theme or any plugin still have some issue or conflict. You can switch theme and disable the plugin to identify the problematic item. There you can act accordingly.

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Hope you will be able to Fix your sitemap URL in

mysqli extension is missing in PHP 7.4 – Fix using cPanel

Common mysqli Extension Issue:

  • When we upgrade PHP 7.4, WordPress is broken
  • When we switched to PHP 7.4 in cPanel, mysqli extension is missing.

In cPanel (PHP Selector) or in PHPInfo(), you can see in the module list, that mysqli is not enabled by default. Now, if you trying to enable mysqli in cPanel (PHP Selector), it shows that it can not be activated because of other extension conflicts.


The possible conflict is because of nd_mysqli is enabled.

disable nd_mysqli extension and enable mysqli extension.

Enable the following mysqli extensions:

  • mysqlnd
  • nd_mysqli
  • nd_pdo_mysql

Disable following extensions:

  • mysqli
  • pdo_mysql