Job Portals & Profile Information

If you want to get a job, there are various methods to find a Job opportunity. Here we have listed a few:

  • College Campus Placement
  • Applying directly to the company (via a website or other way)
  • Job fair or Career fair
  • Direct Walk-ins
  • Newspaper or Advertisements
  • Reference
  • Applying via Job Portals

Job portals are one of the primary sources to get a job because only a few students get shortlisted in other methods. Therefore, it is important to register on Job portal and websites to find a list of Jobs.

It is not necessary that just applying on these portals will provide you with many jobs. You should learn how to make use of these different sections Job portals to receive maximum interview calls.

The most important step is to submit all required information so that profile completion can reach 100%.

How to Write Job Profile:

Each job portal has different section related to your Job profile. Most portals have personal information, education, skills and experience section common while some portals may have some additional sections.

If you have job experience, then past & current experience is the most important section for Hiring Team. However, if you are a Fresher, then HR has to analyse each section. They need to check your education, hobbies, skills, achievements, training and projects (if any). And if you do not fill these information in profile, you resume will not get shortlisted.

Some students (As a Fresher) are confused that they do not have enough information to fill in each section. We will go through common profile sections and help you to complete them.


  • Update your latest Resume
  • Frequently update your resume by updated information & new skills.

Note: Most of the Employer only shortlist candidates who have updated their resume in last one or two weeks. Therefore, if you are actively looking for job, keep updating/uploading your resume in every few days.


If a job portal has Headline section, it may be visible to Hiring Team when they are searching candidate profiles. Therefore, it may enhance your chances to get shortlisted. Always use a headline that shows your current specialization along with experience (if you have).

Sample Resume Headline for Freshers

  • Hands-on experience in PHP Development with a 6-month internship
  • In-depth understanding of Digital Marketing, Social media platforms, & analytics | Experience in creating Reports, Graphs, & Charts
  • Proficient in Web Designing, Responsive Layout creation, and Photoshop | Experience in creating Reports, Charts & Wireframes

You can find more here – Sample Resume Headlines for Freshers

Sample Resume Headline for Experienced

  • PHP Developer (WordPress Proficient) with 7-year experience in Web Application Development Environment
  • Looking for a Web Designer position | Proficiency in HTML & Web Designing
  • 5+ years of work experience in Web designing and UI development

You can find more here – Sample Resume Headlines for Experienced

Key Skills:

Add all the skills in which you have advanced or even basic knowledge. Some portal such as will provide suggestions which can help you pick the best keywords.


Add your all previous employer and experienced if you are not a Fresher.


Add your recent Degree or Education first, and then further add your other education and schooling along with grades.


This is the section which most students skip because they do not have experience with projects. Some students have project training in their education or course while some do not have. It is very important to work on some projects to practise your skills. Therefore, either you can create some basic projects or try to download some projects to get an understanding of its code.

If you have a minor or major project in your professional course (related to Computer and IT), then ensure that you work on some project guided under professional or trainer. This will set a strong foundation for your career.

Always mention your project name, description, roles and skill used in brief.

Profile Summary

Here, you can add a brief about yourself, your skillset and your experience. Here, is an example for Fresher:

I am Amit Kumar, a Software Developer based in Delhi, India. I have done 6 Months Internship in Web Development using PHP. My skills include WordPress, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I have completed a couple of projects based on PHP & MySQL. I have a good knowledge of database interaction and web development.

Accomplishments & Achievements:

Here you can add your achievements such as voluntary contribution, sports participation, any other achievement.


If you have done any certification, add this into the appropriate section. If you do not have any certification, you can find some online certification courses (free of cost and paid). Most of these do not have enough value but you may find some good certification also, For example: Google offers various online certifications related to Digital Marketing.

Industry, Profile or Role:

In this section, you need to choose an industry where you want to work. Job portal etc ask you to select Functional Area, Role, Employment Type etc. Choose appropriate options.

For example in, a Programmer, Web Designer or Developer can choose “IT-Software/Software Services” (inside Industry) and “IT Software – Application Programming / Maintenance” inside Functional Area.

Personal Details:

Always fill your correct and updated details.

Cover Letter:

A cover letter or letter of application is a document sent with your resume to introduce yourself. This provides details about your skill and experience to tell the employer why you are are a suitable candidate for the required position.

Always prepare a good cover letter for Job portals. Once prepared, you can also use the same cover letter when applying for any job via email. You can find Sample for Cover letters here on Naukri, and Indeed.

These were some of the common sections which you will find on different job portals.

List of Top Job Portals:

Here are the Top Job portals where you should register and Complete your profile 100% to start receiving job offers.

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