Htaccess tutorial for Beginners

Learn Htaccess usage, redirection etc step by step with examples.

Htaccess DirectoryIndex

htaccess DirectoryIndex tutorial with an example. Learn how to set the default directory index page in your website using .htaccess.

Htaccess error document

htaccess error document – Learn how to set custom error pages or messages for different server errors. See 401, 404, 500 error pages example.

Htaccess password protect directory

Password protect a directory using .htaccess and .htpasswd file. In this htaccess tutorial, restrict server folder access with example

Htaccess Hotlink protection

When some website show images or other files from your website, it is known as a hotlink. This can greatly your impact your hosting bandwidth because it consumes your bandwidth. One way…

Htaccess Redirection

Using Htaccess Redirect, you can redirect pages between same or different domains. Learn Htaccess Redirection with example

Htaccess Redirect Http to Https

HTTPS allows secure communication between your browser and the server for your website. If your hosting server provides SSL certificate, you can redirect all http (non-secure) URLs to secure https. Google also recommends…

Htaccess Deny Access

Learn using Htaccess to Deny Access to files and folder. In this tutorial, you see an example to Deny access to certain file extensions.

Htaccess security rules

Learn Htaccess security rules. In this tutorial, learn how to secure a website by Disable server signature, directory listing, & deny access.

Htaccess Enable Gzip Compression

When a user visits a website, it requests files hosting server. It may take some time depending on the size and number of files. Gzip is a method of compressing files to…

Htaccess Leverage browser caching

Using .htaccess file we can enable browser caching for statics files to improve website performance. Implementation of browser caching is one of the most neglected (or underrated) things and most developers do…