WordPress Frontend & Backend

As WordPress is a Content Management System; it allows us the management (creation and modification) of website content.

Where WordPress manage its content? The answer is: using “WordPress Backend”

WordPress Frontend & Backend – Two sides of the same coin:
After successful installation, we get two sides of WordPress: The front-end and back-end. One is used to manage content and other is used to display that content.

In other words, WordPress Backend refers to the Administration Area where we manage the website content. The front end is the main website, where content is visible to users.

It is important to get familiar with both terms in details because we often refer to them while working with WordPress. These terms not only applies to all WordPress sites but also for most of the CMS that exist in the market.

The WordPress Frontend:

The frontend is the area that users can see when they visit your website. For example, when your website visitors go to “www.your-site.com” they are interacting with frontend part.

WordPress frontend mainly consists of your website design and different kind of content (pages, content, menu etc) for end user.

WordPress Frontend

The WordPress Backend (Admin/Dashboard):

Backend is the administration area where authorized users can login & manage site content. WordPress Backend is also called as Dashboard and Admin panel.

WordPress Users can have different types of roles. Based on their roles, admin/users can create and modify the different type of content.

You can access the WordPress dashboard by typing your website URL along with “/wp-admin. For example, “www.your-site.com/wp-admin”.

We will learn about the WordPress dashboard tools in next chapter.

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