PHP Introduction

What is PHP?

PHP is a server side programming language that is mostly used for web applications.

There are many advantages of choosing PHP language over others. In this PHP Tutorial, you will learn more about PHP Usage, Feature, History, and Future scope.

Uses of PHP:

Using PHP, you can create static as well as dynamic websites. Here are some of the common uses of PHP programming.

  • PHP is able to perform various arithmetic and logical operations on the given data.
  • PHP can store and retrieve data from the database.
  • You can create dynamic functionality on any website using PHP. A few examples are Login, Registration, Gallery, Survey, Forums and many more.
  • PHP can transfer data among different web pages in a website.
  • You can create almost any kind of website using PHP. Some of the examples are Business, personal, shopping, blogging, etc
  • PHP is widely used for web applications but it can be used as general-purpose programming to manage data offline as well.

Features of PHP:

  • PHP is easy to learn for beginners.
  • PHP Language runs on almost all operating systems. For example Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X.
  • PHP is compatible with various web servers. For example Apache, NGNIX, IIS, etc
  • PHP supports a wide range of database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL.
  • PHP is open-source and free. We can download it from the official PHP website:

PHP Facts:

  • The full form of PHP is “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”
  • Initially, the PHP term stood for Personal Home Page.
  • Rasmus Lerdorf has developed PHP language initially in 1995.
  • PHP is used as a procedural programming as well as object-oriented programming.
  • Some of the biggest online brands use PHP in some form or functionality. Some examples are: Facebook, WhatsApp, Wikipedia, Flickr, jQuery Blog, and WordPress are powered by PHP.

What is the future of PHP?

Today, PHP totally dominates the web applications on the internet. W3Techs says that PHP is used by more than 80% among the all top websites in the world. Therefore, PHP is likely to remain strong in the market for the various upcoming years.

Why PHP is widely used programming language in the world?

  • As PHP is open-source, it becomes affordable to purchase web hosting for PHP website. Also, PHP web development cost is low as compared to many other languages.
  • PHP language is easy to set up in different environments using software like XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP.
  • PHP programming syntax is easy to learn and understand.
  • There is huge support available on the internet for PHP to find solutions for any problem. There are more than 100000 PHP questions has been answered on StackOverFlow
  • You can find many PHP scripts online for your projects or websites.

Example of a Simple PHP program:

As of now, you have a basic idea about the PHP Programming Language. We will now have a look at a simple PHP program.

    echo "Hello, This is a simple PHP program!";

This program consists of PHP opening & closing bracket. You need to write PHP code within these brackets. Then, we have used a simple “echo” statement to display a simple message on the browser screen.

In the next chapters, we will learn about PHP basics and advanced concepts with example.

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