SEO – Domain Names

Today everyone wants to utilize the power of Internet. Whenever someone wants to start a business, a website is an important. You may want a website as a blog or it may be an educational website for some institute.

A domain name is a unique URL/name for your website. Before choosing a domain name for your website, you must consider several facts like:

  • What kind of website name is relevant for your business/blog
  • What is your target audience?
  • Is it unique and easy to remember?
  • Is it contains keywords or shows business purpose?

Here are few tips to choose a domain name for SEO perspective:

  • Research available names & take care of the most important keywords for your business/subject and use their combination
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) – Most of the time simple & short domain names are easy to remember and share.
    Use creativity to make it unique – As most of the common keywords are not available today. Be creative with your subject/keyword/brand to choose a domain name.
  • Prefer a “.com” & your country-specific domain extension: “.com” domains are highly popular & easy to remember for everyone. While choosing your country-specific domain name helps you connect with your audience faster if you only want to focus limited audience.
  • Easy to write: Choose a domain that is easy to write and avoiding letters such as “q,” “z,” “x,” “c,” and “p”
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens: If possible avoid numbers & hyphens in domain names. It may confuse people. Try to keep only two or maximum three words in your domain name and avoid hyphens. You can use 1 hyphen if you think that will keep your domain more visible but more hyphens look like spam keywords.
  • Avoid trademark competition: Avoid domain names that are too similar to established brands or trademarks.
  • Make a final list of 3 to 5 domains and use voting of friends/colleague/people around you.

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