SEO – Redirection

Website URL Redirection is a technique which is used to forward your website users from one page URL to another.

Redirection is implemented for both Users as well as Search Engines to instruct them to load a different page.

When we need URL Redirection?

Your website may need redirection because of the following reasons:

  1. You have changed any webpage URL (name or slug) to different for better naming convention or SEO.
  2. You have two pages for the same content and want to remove the duplicate by merging them. Therefore redirection can be implemented.
  3. Your page content is out-of-date, and you want to redirect users to a newer version.
  4. Your website domain, programming or hosting is changed, therefore page URLs has been changed.

Type of SEO Redirection:

It is important to handle redirection for SEO. You can decide if you want to pass search ranking power from one page to another or not.

There are two types of Server Redirections:

301 (Permanent Redirection):

301 Redirection is used when your page is permanently moved to another location. This type of redirection is used to pass SEO ranking power (also referred to link equity or link power) from old URL to new. Search Engine can take a few months to years to accept SEO Redirection fully.

Note: It is not possible to pass 100% ranking using redirect and there is always minor loss.

Mostly, Redirection is capable of passing 80% to 99% ranking to the new page. With time, Robots can pick up your page again and recover that loss.

302 (Temporarily Redirection):

302 Redirection is used when your page is temporarily moved to another location. This is used when you want to redirect one page to another without keeping its SEO ranking power.

This is useful when your website is down or under maintenance. You can redirect your website users to some temporary page with 302 Redirection.

Meta Redirect:

In addition to redirect using server, it can be also be implemented using HTML page level. However, this is not recommended for SEO.

How to apply Redirection?

Different programming languages allow us to implement redirection. Mostly, a programmer or developer perform this action based on the SEO guy’s recommendation. Here are some of the common methods to apply redirection:

Using .htaccess:

If your website is hosted on servers running Apache, you can implement redirect in .htaccess file (in the root of the the website)


Using PHP Redirection:

If your website is built using PHP, you can apply following PHP code on the top of the page, which needs to be redirected.

	// 301 Permanent Redirect using PHP
	header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

Using WordPress:

If you want to redirect WordPress website page, you can use redirection plugin such as:

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