SEO – Title Tag

What is a Title Tag

Title Tag is an HTML element that is used to specify website’s page title.

Importance of Title Tag in SEO

Title tag displays your web page title in search engine results for users. This title plays an important role in websites, Search Engines Optimization (SEO), and social media. When you search in Google, Title is the first thing that user notice in search result list.

Tips for SEO Title Tag Optimization:

Title tag present short description about the website’s page content. You should follow these best practices for SEO title tag optimization.

  • Clear: A website page title should be clear and relevant to the content. Try to avoid the worlds such as if, and, or, then, the, but, etc.
  • Length: The length of your page title should be between 50 to 70 characters in length. Google’s meta title length is maximum at 600 pixels wide in the desktop. There’s no exact character limit, but with 60 characters, most of your titles display properly.
  • Keywords: Place your most important content keywords at the beginning of your title and least important words at the end. Make sure that title is easy to understand for users.
  • Title separator: Use pipes (|) or hyphen (-) to separate different keywords and sentences. You should avoid the use of commas, underscores, and other special characters.
  • Unique: Focus on unique titles for different pages.
  • Website or company name: Your page title should focus on important keywords related to content first. Include website or company name at the end of title tag only if it is relevant or popular

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Example of SEO Title Tag

Let us take an example two different kind of web pages that will help you choose the right website title.

  • SEO Title for Product: If your website page is about Air Conditioner, then SEO Title can be: “Best Daikin Air Conditioner – Website/Company name” or “Buy Lloyd Air Conditioner Online – Amazon”
  • SEO Title for Services: If your company/website provide computer pieces of training, then SEO Title can be: “Computer Training Classes in India | Website/Company name” or “Online Computer Trainings – Tutorials Class”

Welcome to Tutorials Class. You can learn SEO step by step here.

<!DOCTYPE html>    
    <title> Online SEO Learning - Tutorials Class </title>    
    <p>Welcome to Tutorials Class. You can learn SEO step by step here.</p>    

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