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What are Facebook pages

Facebook pages are public profiles for businesses, brands, organizations, and artists to connect with their followers or customers. Pages are used to share their stories, events and other information. People who like or follow a Page can receive their posts update.

Why Facebook page instead of profile?

Most of us register and create a profile on Facebook to connect with friends, family and others. But it is not recommended to use your personal profile for marketing. You should create a Facebook page for marketing mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. By using Facebook page, you can keep your personal information and content away from the public.
  2. Facebook pages are specially designed for business, therefore it has many useful features for business.

How to Create effective Facebook Page for Business?

In this section, we will learn about Facebook page creation. To create an effective Facebook page, you need to fill information in all (or important sections) such as page category, profile picture, cover photo, website, description, address and others.

Facebook Page Creation - Tutorial
Facebook Page Sections

Many people create a page by adding minimum information quickly and they think about updating other sections later. Unfortunately, either you did not get time later or completely forget about it.

For example, if you skip your business address or contact details, many customers will not be able to contact you via your page. Therefore, it is important to take care of important page sections as described below.

Steps to create perfect Facebook page:

1. Create a Facebook page

Create a Facebook page here:

2. Choose a Page category

If you deal with products and services, select Business or brand, and if you want to connect with people, teams or groups, select Community or public figure as a page category.

3. Choose a Page Name & Relevant Category

Here, you will mention appropriate page name and select a category that is relevant to your business, brand or community.

3. Upload Profile picture and Cover photo

Make sure you upload a good profile picture and cover photo. You can take a profile picture that has a logo or tagline. Similarly, cover photos can have a logo, tagline, or some information about your products and services.

Profile Picture size: Facebook page profile picture displays at 170×170 pixels on computers, 128×128 pixels on smartphones and 36×36 pixels on small devices. For best results, you need to upload a square image such as 360×360, 720×720 or 960×960.

Cover Photo size: Facebook cover photo displays at 820×312 pixels on computers and 640×360 pixels on smartphones. For best results, you can choose 820×360 pixels minimum picture size.

Congratulations! Your page has been successfully created.

How to Fill Facebook page information & Details:

Now you can add page related information in different sections. It is important because If any user wants to know about your business, product, community or service, it should be available on your page.

Here is the list of important section to fill page information:

Add a button:

Here you can choose a button label and link that is suitable for your page. Using this button people can take action from your Page. You can add your website or application link with a different label such as “Learn More”, “Buy Now”, and “Book Now”.

Edit page info:

Description: Add a short summary of your Page under 255 characters about your Page, products or services.

Categories: You can select multiple categories if it is relevant for your page.

Contact: Here, you can add a Phone number, Email, Address, Service area, Products, Opening Hours, and similar details.

Facebook - Edit page info
Facebook – Edit page info

Templates and tabs: Here you choose a suitable template design for your Facebook page. You can also add and sort tabs such as Posts, Event, Review, Shop, Offers, and Videos.

Set Up a Facebook Page URL: You can create a relevant and SEO friendly URL by clicking on “Create Page @Username” under the profile picture. It is also called a vanity URL. It not only helps to rank your page in search engines but also makes it easy to remember page URL.

Sometimes, you can only set a Page URL when you have at least 25-page likes. Also, you can only change it once, so choose it carefully according to your brand, business or community. These guidelines may change with time, so you can follow Facebook Guidelines for latest information.

Others: There are many more sections if you want to add more information such as WhatsApp button, Add users with different roles etc.

By taking care of all the above things you can create a perfect Page where your customers can find the information they are looking. In this next tutorial, we will learn Tips to create effective posts to engage and attract customers.

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