SMM – Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing refers to activities that involve the promotion of different products and services to online customers.

Whether you are a small shop, a big business organization or a community, you can use Facebook to connect with a large audience. In this tutorial, we will learn why Facebook is an important tool to target your customers online. We will guide how to use Facebook for Business Marketing.

Importance of Facebook in Social Media Marketing:

Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform in the world. As of 20 April 2020, Facebook has 2.498 billion monthly active users. With the increase in Internet usage and Mobile phones, more users are connecting via Facebook every day.

Facebook has a large number of essential features which helps in social media marketing. Here is the list of the most popular benefits of using Facebook:

  1. Share information about our business product and services to users
  2. Connect with customers online 24×7
  3. Engage customers with events, polls and other activities
  4. Announcing new product and services
  5. Attracting customers via Coupons and Offers

How to use Facebook as a Business Marketing:

There are 2 important things to learn start using Facebook for Marketing:

  1. Create a Facebook page and Fill all profile information properly.
  2. Engage customers by sharing useful and interesting information related to your page.

Facebook Page Creation:

Facebook pages are public profiles for businesses, brands, organizations, and artists to connect with their followers or customers. Pages are used to share their stories, events and other information. People who like or follow a Page can receive their posts update.

You can create an effective page by adding all the appropriate details about your page. This includes important information such as page name, category, profile creation, cover photo, contact details, page description.

Facebook Content Creation:

When we create Facebook content and media, it should be of good quality. Different type of pages have a different type of audience. Therefore, it is important to choose suitable content for your users.

Along with quality, you also need to select the correct quantity of content. It means you need to check how frequently, you want to post useful information, product promotion and other kinds of media.

For example, If the page is about “News“, you may post 10 or even 100 times in a day. Because content for News is expected to be updated frequently. On the other hand, if your page is about an electronics store, you may choose a couple of posts every day or 5 posts per week.

You need to try a different type of media, content and frequently to analyse your audience behaviour and adjust accordingly.

We will share more details about Facebook page creation and Facebook Content Writing Tips in the next chapters.

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