WordPress Posts

WordPress allows two type of content sections, Posts & Pages. You can add content in the form of posts or pages depending on your requirements.

WordPress Posts:
WordPress posts are such kind of WordPress content that is listed in reverse chronological (date-wise) order on websites. Posts are used for sections, where we constantly add & update content for users.

WordPress Posts Tutorial
WordPress – Add New Posts

How to Add Posts:

Adding a new Post very simple in WordPress. These steps are highlighted red in the given picture as well.

  1. Click or Mouse over “Posts” section in the left menu in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on “Add New” menu item to open a New Post section
  3. Add Title of your post
  4. Add Content of your post. You can add text, images, links and other media as well.
  5. Click on “Publish” button. You will see a message on the bottom: “Post published. View Post”.

What are some examples, where we use Posts?
Blog & News are common examples where we use posts in WordPress. Some other examples where we can see content as posts are Events, Recipes, and Tutorials.

What kind of information associated with Posts?
We can assign categories & tags to posts. Categories are useful. As there can be a lot of content (or informational updates) about a certain topic, we can assign them proper categories. This helps WordPress users to manage their content easily.

There is an option to add a featured image to posts as well. Many themes display this featured image in their post detail page (and sometimes on the homepage as well)

Posts are often used to engage users. Therefore, you may find that post content includes social sharing buttons or comments along with them.

WordPress also generate RSS Blog Feeds using posts. So, when someone subscribes to blog RSS feed, WordPress post’s content will be sent to them in the newsletter.

Where we can manage Posts on Dashboard?
WordPress has “Posts” section in the menu, where you can manage your content as a post. You can create new post entries or articles here. You can also update or delete exists posts as well.

Where user can see Posts on Frontend?
When It comes to WordPress Frontend, Posts can be seen in the Archives, Categories, Recent Posts, and other widget sections.

By default, most WordPress themes display a list of posts on homepage similar to blogs. You can also set different page for blog using Reading Options. Here, you can also control how many posts are displayed at a time.

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