YouTube Advertising

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can watch, share, comment and even upload their own videos. You can access YouTube services on Desktops, Laptops, tablets and mobile phones as well.

Importance of YouTube Advertising in Digital Marketing:

YouTube is one of the most popular online video sharing platforms. By April 2020, YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. Actually, YouTube is not just a website but the second largest search engine behind Google. Therefore, YouTube Ads Campaign is an essential step to promote your product and services.

YouTube promotion, YouTube paid marketing, YouTube advertising and YouTube Ads campaigns all are related terms and are part of Digital Marketing.

How to Promote & Advertise on YouTube?

You can use YouTube to create ads campaign to promote your product or service for customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube.

Google Ads (earlier known as AdWords) is the Google Marketing Platform which allows us to create a video campaign in only a few minutes. YouTube advertising steps involve Creation YouTube video ad, Creation your Google Ads account, Create a video campaign by selecting your audience and budget.

Steps to create an effective YouTube Ads Campaign:

Go to Google Ads: Go to or to start YouTube Campaign.

Campaign name: Here, you will provide relevant name such as Motivational Video Campaigns

Bidding strategy: Keep this default for initial campaigns.

Budget and dates: Enter budget type, amount. Also, choose end date so that ads do not go over budget.

Networks: YouTube videos selection is required to make sure that Ads can appear on YouTube videos, channel pages and the YouTube homepage.

You can also select “Video partners on the Display Network” if you want to promote on video partners outside YouTube.

Languages: Select the languages of your customers.

Locations: Select locations of target users. If you are targeting only a specific city or country, then select it. Because showing advertisement outside of your customer location will waste your money.

Inventory type: Skip it. “Standard inventory” is already set as default. This will exclude your advertisement on violence or other restricted video types.

YouTube Advertising Campaign
YouTube Advertising Campaign Steps

Additional Settings: Recommended to set as a default for initial campaigns. Here, you select all eligible Devices (computers, mobile, tablet and TV screens) where you want to show your ads. You can also choose Ad schedule to show promotion on specific days or time intervals.

Ad group name: You can create (or skip) Ad group that focus on similar keywords or audience. Then, you can use this group for multiple promotions which use the same keyword or audience.

Demographics: Select your demographic targeting (Gender, Age, Parental status, Household income) if want to target specific users else skip to target all.

Audiences: This will allow you to choose multiple categories of the audience where you want to show your advertisement.

You can browser audience by Interest and Hobbies, or what they researching or planning, or using detail demographic. For example, you can choose Technology, Travel, Lifestyles & Hobbies, Food & Dining.

Keywords: Here, you choose terms related to your products or services to target relevant videos. This is an important step to create an effective campaign. Because if you choose the right set of keywords, your advertisement will be delivered to the right audience.

Topics: Here, you choose topics and content type to show ads on specific subjects.

Placements: You can advertise only on selected YouTube channels, videos by keyword, URL or video id in this section.

Your YouTube video – Select your YouTube video or Ad that you want to use for your advertisement. Here, you can also set relevant Display URL, Call-to-action, headline to get high engagement (more user clicks).

Your video campaign is ready. If you do not have enough balance, Go to billing section for payment to start running your ads.

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