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What is Post Status in WordPress?

WordPress Post status is used to set status of posts to treat them differently.

In default WordPress, There are mainly 8 post status:

  1. Publish: When we publish WordPress posts, it updates posts status to ‘publish’ and post is visible to everyone.
  2. Future: If you schedule WordPress posts, its status is set as ‘future’
  3. Draft: If your post is not ready for the public, you can save it as a ‘draft’ to publish later.
  4. Pending: In WordPress, a contributor (a type of user role) can create posts but cannot publish. These posts are set as a ‘pending’ status and it can be published by Admin or Editor role.
  5. Private: These posts are visible to site admins and editors only.
  6. Trash: If you move a post to ‘Trash’, they are set as a ‘trash’ status. After ‘Trash’, you can either restore or delete it permanently.
  7. Auto-Draft: WordPress saves revisions automatically while you are editing with status ‘auto-draft’
  8. Inherit: This is used for child posts (such as Attachments and Revisions) to check the actual status from the parent post.

Additionally, You can create Custom Status using the WordPress hook register_post_status()based on your theme or plugin feature.

What is the Recommended permission for WordPress files and folders?

  • All folders and directories should be 775, 755 or 750.
  • wp-config.php should be 644. Set 440 or 400 to prevent other users on the server from reading it.
  • .htaccess – 644 is the recommended permission.
  • php.ini – 644 is the recommended permission.
  • All other files should be 664.

Note: No directories should ever have 777, even upload directories. These recommended permissions may vary based on hosting users and security. You can read more in WordPress.org & Smashing magazine

What is the default WordPress sitemap URL?

New XML Sitemaps Functionality is added in WordPress 5.5 core. If you have WordPress 5.5 or later, your website sitemap URL is: https://your-website.com/wp-sitemap.xml

If you want to customize WordPress sitemap, there are many hooks and filters listed in Documentation.

What are New Features added in WordPress 5.5?

WordPress version 5.5 is released publicly on August 11, 2020. This version includes few major features like Auto-Updates, Block patterns, Built-in XML Sitemaps, block directory search, and Inline image editing.

For more details, see List of Features & Changes in WordPress 5.5.